Monday, May 25, 2009

Manresa State Beach, CA - 2009

Ok, so it's not some beautiful landscape or something profoundly different, but I think this is a pretty cool picture. I took this at Manresa State Beach off of Rt. 1 in California maybe a month or so ago, maybe a little longer. I was still playing around with the film camera, so I took this just to see what would happen and how it would come out.

I took this with a Canon AE-1 camera and Kodak film. The negative was converted to a digital file by my local photo store. I haven't made any changes to the digital file. I could probably crop it differently and get a very different image, but I like it the way it is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lake Umbagog, NH/ME - 2008

I took this picture from remote campsite #31 on Lake Umbagog in New Hampshire in June of 2008. The lake itself straddles the border between New Hampshire and Maine, and the far shore you see is actually in Maine, but we were on the New Hampshire side. Mid-June is not a particularly good time to go to Lake Umbagog because of the mosquitoes, but this was our second trip to the lake and to this particular campsite. Unfortunately, the weather was worse than the mosquitoes, so we ended up leaving early. I love this picture because of the blues in it - so many different shades!

I took this picture with a Kodak Z730 digital camera. I haven't modified the digital file in any way.